BBG - Biking Bicycle Garage: Your Trusted Source in Certified Bicycles

At BBG - We don't settle for the ordinary when it comes to bicycles. We proudly introduce our Certified Pre-Owned, your direct ticket to an exhilarating cycling experience. Whether you seek competition challenges, the thrill of every pedal stroke, or the freedom of endless routes, our BBG-certified bikes are designed to fuel your passion to the fullest.

Our certification process is methodically structured, emphasizing each stage that a pre-owned bike undergoes to meet our and your high standards. Here’s a look into our thorough process

Thorough Frame and Fork Inspection for

Structural Integrity and Safety.

Every wheelset is closely inspected, trued, dished, and tensioned verifying alignment and overall health of how a bike rides. All hub bearings are inspected, serviced, or replaced as needed.

All components are inspected and tested for functionality and performance. Should any part require replacement, we replace that part ensuring the rideability of the bike and our customer's confidence and safety.

All suspension systems undergo a complex, comprehensive inspection for necessary suspension performance. Optimal performance of dampers, lockouts, and seals make or break how a suspension bike rides. Stanchions and shafts are closely inspected and documented in our detailed photos

Just as applying full power to the pedals is essential, stopping and braking with confidence is equally critical. Our meticulous brake maintenance includes bleeding brake lines, replacing or servicing pads, replacing or straightening rotors and cables, ensuring that each bike comes to a stop with remarkable precision and control.

We subject all electronic components to rigorous testing, meticulous rewiring, and thorough updates, scrutinizing them for peak performance. Our Service plays a pivotal role in our comprehensive process, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of electronic systems.

We proactively address crucial consumable replacements, encompassing essential components like saddles, brake pads, grips, bar tapes, tires, cables and housing, ball bearings, chains, cassettes, and more. Our commitment to maintaining your bike's peak performance leaves no room for hesitation.

Essential test rides, performed by our mechanics, ensure cycling performance that aligns with Cycle Limited's strict standards.

Once each bike clearly passes all nine stages above it is then photographed and listed for sale online at Cycle Limited as an authorized Certified Pre-Owned bicycle with our seal of certification

Why Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Bike?

Risk-Free Returns

At Biking Bicycle Garage, we stand behind our service, inventory and shipping processes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If your bike doesn’t meet your expectations, or the fit isn’t quite right, we'll take it back. Period.

Guaranteed Buyback

When you buy a Certified Pre-Owned bike from Biking Bicycle Garage, we provide a guaranteed buyback offer for 18 months on select bikes. Upgrade to new brands, new disciplines and the latest cycling technology with less cash out of your pocket.

RideFast Shipping

BBG's RideFast shipping process means your new or Certified Pre-Owned bike can be assembled in a snap. On most bikes you only need to attach the pedals, handlebars, saddle and front wheel. We include a torque tool, video tutorials and Ride Guide help–nothing should stand between you and your first ride.

What Our Customers Say About Us


This has been the best experience I’ve had buying a bike.

Neil Houser

So glad I ended up trusting these guys — from across the country. Absolutely love it and this business is great to work with!

Joe McCoy

Great service, and follow up checks to ensure a good experience. Highly recommend!

Kevin White

The customer service is amazing they go above and beyond to help you and they do a fantastic job I suggest this bike shop to everyone.

David Widmark

Best bicycle shop we can find in OC and South LA!

Miki Watanabe