Size Guide

Bianchi Bikes

Bianchi sizes their bicycles as per the seat tube length (from middle of the bottom bracket to top of the seat tube) and not the top tube length.

The following tables will help you decide your Bianchi bike size based on your height and inseam. The charts are just guidelines only, but they will help you predict an accurate frame size in most cases.

Tips when you fall into two frame sizes:

  • Choose a small one – if you have short torso/long legs
  • Choose a bigger one – if you have long torso/short legs
  • Smaller bike is easier to control while the larger one is more comfortable

Category: Racing, endurance, and cyclocross

The Italian brand is quite well-known among pro-cyclists for its high performing road/race bikes. Bianchi road bikes boast of lightweight carbon frames, aerodynamic tubes, quality components, aggressive geometry, integrated cockpits, and so on. 

Some of their road bike models like Via Nirone 7offer nine sizes. So, I advise you to go through the geometry chart of the specific model you intend to buy.

Aquila CV, Aria, C-Sport,

Impulso, Impulso PRO,

Infinito CV, Infinito XE,

Oltre RC, Oltre PRO, Oltre COMP,

Oltre XR3/XR4, Via Nirone 7,

Oltre XR3 CV, Oltre XR4 CV,

Sprint, Impulso, Specialissima CV,

Sprint, Via Nirone 7,

Pista Nero SS, and Zolder PRO

Category: Triathlon/TT

Bianchi Triathlon bikes have lower frame height (3.5 – 5 centimeters lower) when compared to its race bikes. Below is the size chart which I have compiled accordingly.

  • 🚴🏻‍♂️Popular Model : Aquila

Category: Mountain

Bianchi MTBs are very less popular when compared to their racing bicycles. However, they make some of the top-notch cross-country mountain bikes.

MTB frames are usually measured in inches and may be designated with general sizing (Small, Medium, and Large).


Methanol CV,


and Duel

Where to find frame size a number in a Bianchi Bike?

Typically, you’ll find the frame size on a sticker, either at the back or front of the seat tube. In the manuals and geometry section guide, the frame size is given in millimeters. So, 440 and 460(see above image)mean 44cm and 46cm, respectively.